A South African Intersex Girl

I am a South African and was born as, what was then called, a hermaphrodite.

According to a conversation between my mother and her friend that I overheard, my mother was "Appalled by what she saw."

The doctor assured her that he would "correct the abnormality within a few days."

When I asked my mother what it was that she was appalled about she replied that I was born with a small deformity and that the doctor had removed it when I was a few days old.  She would not tell me what the deformity was.  I was then about 12 years old.

Shortly afterwards I started growing small breasts but kept them hidden behind losse-fitting shirts.  They grew to about an AA-cup size.

I carried on through life living as a man but always had the feeling that I was not fully a man in that I liked doing girly things like knitting, sewing, cooking and so on.

A few years ago my breasts again started to grow until they filled a C-cup.  It was no longer possible to hide them and I consulted a number of local doctors.  None of them could give me an answer and eventually I was referred to a professor in Johannesburg who conducted numerous tests and scans a diagnosed that I had Ovotestis - with an internal ovary on my left side and an ovotestis on my right side.  According to him, the reason why my breasts had only recently started to develop was that my ovotestis had virtually stopped producing testosterone while my ovary was continuing to produce estrogen.  This was feeding my estrogen receptors causing my breasts to grow, the fat on my body to shift to my hips and the loss of almost all my body hair.

I decided that I would not undergo "corrective surgery" and I am now living as a full-time woman.

Nevette Nevette
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

As long as you are happy my dear, its all that matters in this life. Love yourself and live yourvlife to the fullest.