Unhappy In Marriage

Hi all

I have been married fo 2yrs now. Have married hubby when i was very depressed & lonely. Sometimes i feel so miserable & just want to be alone. He is a good husband & has always been there fo me. Yesterday i called him & said im not gonna come home. I'm gonna sleep @ a lady friend & that i needed space. He called & we argued. i have asked him for space b4. Why does a part of me feel that i want to be alone & a part of me feel that i love him. As im also struggeling with health issues & doctors cant find out what is wrong with me i dont wanna leave him & be alone as i am not close with my family.
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Hi i have been to phychologist yesterday. Wants me to stay with hubby & go on medication. i hate taking tablets to make me feel better. i know if im gonna feel beter i would still want to be single. how can i have this feelings toward someone who has done nothing to me? there is no passion i do not feel that i want to do anything for him. i just wanna be alone.

hi thanks for replying. He know im depressed has been for several years. im going to see my phychologist tomorow. i married hubby when i was very depressed. over the years it got better. r u married?