Anal Love-1

hi friends my name is bob and i am a pure anal lover.i am going to share my own sexual experiences with u. I hope u like them. My first anal encounter,when i was just 18 and i had a girlfriend name tina.she was very hot with firm big boobs and perfect round buttocks.we both did enjoy sucking,licking and *******.but on one night this happend. After ******* him twice i was sleeping. At near 3am i felt something, i felt a tingle on my **** head. I did not respond because i wanted to know what tina wants now. She was rubbing her hot tongue on **** head and it was fully erected. Then she start to lick my balls,i was enjoying this. Suddenly she start rubbing her tongue on my ******* this makes my **** even more hard. Then she sat on my **** and start rubbing my **** on her cute *******. It was giving me immense pleasure. But i never ****** his tight *** so i was a bit confused. Then she started to put my **** head forcely in her *** but she failed. Because her ******* was very small infront of my 8 inch ****. Now i knew that she needs an assfuck. So i sat up now she felt embarressed but same time still needs my **** in her ***. I just ask him are u sure ,u want my **** in ur ***. She said she wants it desperately. I told him that it will give pain,but she told me that today she wants this new experience.then i command him to make doggy pos,she made i was behind her watching her both pink love holes. I put some spit on my palm and rub it on her *******. She moaned. I again did the same.she was i slide my middle finger slowly in her *** she moaned again. Then i slide one more finger and start moving in n out.she was enjoying as she start to shake her *** slowly. And i can also feel wetness in her ***. My **** was on full fire. So i did not waste the time and put some spit on my **** and start rubbing my **** on her wet *******.she moaned'ooooooooffffffhhhh' .now she was ready for her first assfuck. I pushed my cockhead in her *** and hold there. She cried a bit. I asked him may i continue or stop. She told meit is hurting a little but i am enjoying it,so do not stop. I could felt the tightnesss of her ***. Then i pushed my **** a little more and hold there until she adjusted with that. It took more than two minutes to adjust my half **** in her ***. But now i could feel the pressure building in my balls,and i knew that i am near ***. So i gave her a hard stroke and full **** was in. She cried. But i was out of control giving him full hard strokes and very soon she started moaning as she was enjoying. She was begging for my ***. I continued stroking her *** till i shoot my thick hot white load in her ***. It burstlike volcano and filled her ***. This was my first anal experience. Hope u like it.
mobo696969 mobo696969
Jan 15, 2013