Anal Lovers-2

so friends hello again, this is my second entry on this site. I hope u enjoyed the first one. This was my first anal experience with a married woman. Her name was monica. I was on a eldctrician job, when our company got a complaint from a customer. I went there, i ranb the bell. A very young beautiful woman opened the door. She was in a semi transparent nighty. I could saw her big brown nipples and ***** hair very easily. She told me where the fault was. I checked the fault and told him that it will take some time.then i started the repair. And after repair i asked him that i have to wash my hands. She guided me to the bathroom, i washed my hands.she asked me a cup of coffee, i agreed. During coffee she bocome frank with me. And she opened her legs while sitting,i could see her public hair and a nice sexy pair of hot thighs. She noticed that and asked me whether her thighs are sexy. I said yes. She then asked would u like to see my breast? I was stunned and nervous. She came to me and told me not to be nervous. She then open my pant zipper and rub his hand on my already erected **** .she then asked me that may she could suck my tool. Without waiting for my permission she grab my tool in her mouth and start sucking it like a lolipop. My tool was fully erected and now i want her back hole as i am a true anal lover. First i made her nude, then i started to rub her big aerolas. She moaned. Now i started to suck her nipple. She started to rub her own hairy *****.i insert my two fingers in her ***** it was wet but my aim was ***.she guided my **** to her wet *****. But i refused, then i told him i love ***. She told me that she had never done that. I told him not to worry. She was now on her fours.her big boobs were hanging like melons. I saw her ******* from behind it was small but clean. I start rubbing my tongue on her small hole, she was filled with enjoy. I continued licking her small hole, then i saw her small hole pulsating. That made my **** even more powerful. I stretched her small hole with my fingers, she cried bit.then i stretched it more wide and finally took my mouth lot closer to her *** and pour a lot of my hot spit from my mouth in her ***. Her body shivered for a second. I insert two fingers in her *** and started moving in n out. Now she cried like'ffffffuuuu.................cccccckkkkk' and then'oooooooooooooeeeeeeeee' she was enjoying this act. Now she was on heat, now she started'ooohhh ......... assssss......ooohhhhh........ggive me ur hot rod'. I was also excited so i start to rub my tool on her wet asslips. She moaned heavily again, as her hips were moving. I guided my **** on her *** hole and with a hard stroke the full length was adjusted in her small hole. She cried with pain. But now i was merciless and started to gave her perfect hard strokes. After two or three minutes of pain her *** bcome too much wet, now she was enjoy full length of my tool. She was going to ***, so she replied with' oooohhh darling **** me......... **** me hard as u can.....oh this is wonderful.......ooooooooooiiii fffuuc..........kkkk i am goooooooiiinggggggg give me ur load......i need ......fillll my ***......oooohhh honey......' and then thick spurts from my tool landed in her deep ***. Now she was looking more satisfied.
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Jan 15, 2013