I Drive Myself Crazy

I recently started seeing someone. I don't get to talk to him as often as I'd like and I find myself going over things he says to me. Like for instance when he first called me dear, I spent the better part of the day trying to figure out if he was mocking me. However now that he has called me dear a couple of more times, I realize he wasn't mocking me. More recently we were talking about birthdays and I mentioned to him that my birthday is two days after his. His is gonna be on a Friday and mine on a Sunday. He says to me " we should have a birthday weekend." Which I was happy about the idea, bu now I've been kinda wondering if this is about spending our birthdays together or if he wants to spend a longer period of time with me. I also wonder about what if our birthdays weren't so close together. Would he still want to spend a weekend with me this soon? The most time I've been with him at one time is 14 hours.
patutte patutte
31-35, M
Sep 12, 2012