People Seek Me Out.....

Over the years people have considered me a guru reagarding dreams.

I analyze them....find the hidden meaning. I consider it a gift. When I tell them what it all means it gives them a sense of understanding that you can see on their face. With undersatnding comes resolving deep issues. It's very rewarding.

I have found that it's not so much what they dreamt about but how they tell me. Their body language, the expressions on their face, how it made them feel.

So far I've never been wrong....even with the skeptics. They tell me they don't believe in it and then I ask "why did ask me, if you don't beleive in it" I always get...."well I just wanted hear what you had to say"

There are two sides to every dream......a psychological....and a mystical meaning. I find the psychological meaning is more accurate.

Sometimes dreams are just fun to talk about. I often get "I had the strangest dream last night" They'll tell me and I'll say "you're right that is the strangest dream and that's all it is"

See you in my dreams ;-)

lilyofthenile lilyofthenile
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6 Responses Apr 18, 2008

Ooooh!!! this sounds really interesting and fascinating,. I am interested to know also what ''my'' dreams mean,.. You are a very clever lady!! with an added bonus, an extra special gift!!,. :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I don't think you sound 'full of yourself' at all. It's nice to hear a woman who knows herself and who is confident!<br />

For those of you who read my story, stories....I want to make it clear. At times I sound full of myself.....but that is not the case. I just know who I am. That's all

yes, please do. I need the practice. In person is better, but I'll do my best.

No, I'll check it out.

Have you ever read Carl Jung's work on dream interpretation? It's something that fascinates me, too, but I've never really tried to interpret anyone else's dreams, just my own. It seems you have a natural gift!