Dream That Drives Me Crazy - Analyze, Maybe?

Yesterday night I woke up and immediately fell sleep again. I can't even say if it was a dream, it seemed too real. There was someone leaning over my bed - I couldn't see upper from the neck but he was wearing a white chief's uniform(my mind managed to percieve him as doctor somehow), I think he held something in his right hand (perhaps), I couldn't see clearly. Then there was a blackout, nothing. Someone holding a knife tight on my neck saying something that was supposed to calm me down. I wasn't afraid, I can say I enjoyed it.
But then there was the chief guy leaning over my bed, again - with those crazy lightning effects used in horrors - darkness, light, darkness, light and again. He was coming closer and closer. I woke up and felt terrorized, now I know it's not a big deal but I can't sleep since then. It's 1am here and I have my lights, music, tv on. I can't stop thinking about it - it's eating me from the inside.
I remember many dreams of mine, corpses, blood, being shot but this affected me on a whole new level. Help, please!
wellcame wellcame
2 Responses Aug 5, 2012

Evil spirits? No... Dreams are created by the brain which,realistically,use your subconscious to create your dream.Perhaps a repressed memory?

You may have brought an occult or cursed item into you home. Evil spirits must inhabit something and a lot time those spirits can inhabit items. Is there anything that strikes a bell possibly?

I don't know.. maybe a necklace but I bought it like ..2 weeks before that