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it started out with me and someone else walking down the side of an old country road. Pouring rain. And I knew that we had been in a car, but it died. And instead of staying in the car, we decided to foot it because we were too scared to stay put. So there we are, trudging along and of course 1 car drives by. They slow down and the guy driving the truck tells us to get in. I get in first, and the other person sits near the door. The driver made the usual small talk for a while, and then said he’d give us a ride if we told him a story. So- I start telling this story (and my dream shows it in flash backs.) CUT TO- a group of farm houses out on the edge of some small town somewhere. There was a group of houses all together, but the biggest one was this blue two story old school farm house. Anyway- there was a little boy running around and somehow I knew he lived there. And all the other houses were his family (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc). So everything looks very idyllic, but the more you see all these people interact, the more there is just something “off” with everyone. Like the little boy is mistreated, but I don’t know how. Anyway, in the basement of this house was a box of stuff that was this kid’s mom’s. I guess the mom had died or something, but she wasn’t around. In this box were just some of her things. Some of which were two of those theater masks (the sets where one is frowning and the other is smiling, you know?). AAAnywho- CUT TO- the present day. The town that these houses were near is basically gone (nothing horrible, just people left to move closer to the city type thing). The blue house is still there- perfect condition- but the other houses are run down, falling down.. I think even one of them was burned. Me and a group of people were there on purpose for something... Like a trip or something. For whatever reason- we were staying in this house. There is this dude who works the grounds and upkeeps the house. Very nice and normal. Helps us get checked in, up to the rooms etc. Everything is going great, until the 3rd night. Of course. I don’t remember what happens exactly, but someone goes missing. Typical scary movie type stuff here. Very creepy. Lots of tension, and arguing and stuff popping out and……( I woke up a couple of times here and kept thinking- I don’t want to dream this anymore- but I would fall back asleep and it would pick right up) Of course we’re all out looking for them, and we don’t find them. So then someone accuses the dude of being “fishy” and it all just goes to pot from there. Turns out the dude who works there is the little boy all grown up. He kind of disappears, and then we notice that we can’t get out of the house. Like its on lockdown. Somehow we all get separated, and it turns out that the house is a maze. Like you walk into a room and the door closes behind you. So you have to try and figure out how to get out. Except for me…. somehow I ended up in this room that was the mom’s room? and the dude came out from somewhere and was wearing the frownie face theater mask. And he told me I had to wear the smiling one. So he made me put that on, and then he tied me up in the kitchen. And on some screens I had to watch everyone else in the house make their way through this maze. And he would go and pick them off one by one. Like kill them in a “Law Abiding Citizen” kind of way….And after he hacks up each person, he comes back and tells me that I’ll be OK because I’m smiling. As long as I keep smiling, I’ll be OK. Then goes out and hacks up another person. Flash forward to the car. I’m done telling the story and the driver is all creeped out, and says that’s not the kind of story he was expecting. He started talking about how psycho someone would have to be to do something like that, and said there was no way the story could be true. I tried to interrupt him, but he just kept going on and on about it- and how I had a good imagination but there is no way that anyone could be that sick…. And then the person sitting next to me just hands me the smiling mask. I look over, and he’s wearing the frowning mask. I start crying and start to put on the mask.. and that’s when I woke up.
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To dream about hitchhiking may suggest you're getting a free ride, or you're depending to much on other people. Farm houses suggest growth of some sort. Masks symbolize hiding the truth, however they could also mean light and dark, or happy and sad. They could also mean jealousy or temporary trouble. The color blue represents spirituality, peace, wisdom, and loyalty. Alternatively it also could mean sadness.

A maze can mean you ned to deal with waking tasks, but it can also symbolize confusion, feeling lost, or being mislead.

Most likely, however, you are probably the victim of a scary movie or book :) It's doubtful that this means anything other than the fact that you were scared of something you saw.