Those Days And Then Some

I remember when I was younger I used to have the worse nightmares a young child could have and they were so bad I had decided to try a dream catcher to maybe prevent the problem from occurring as much....oddly enough after that point the dreams had not lessened, they had become startling more vivid and severe. I remember trying to stay awake as long as possible just so I could avoid the cold feeling I had gotten in my chest shortly after trying to rest my head. It was pretty bad that I would go into an almost trance like state of sleep that I was half awake because I was always still able t see my own room right before passing out only to to go into a really bad dream. It was always a painful dream of someone but more like something trying to hurt me, it was an extreme physical pain unlike any other I could imagine. What I can recall the most is whenever I fell asleep on my back suddenly I would realize I couldn't move and a human head would appear underneath my bed and was always somehow able to cause extreme pain to me by biting my back over and over again leaving me no choice but to arch my back until I woke up from the starting nightmare.
I noticed though that only when I slept on my back did this exact dream occur over and over again forcing me to never again sleep on my back since this dream left me assured to be attacked every time by a mans head who felt like it was always grinning.
There were other strange occurring dreams just like these but varying, I can't remember them as clearly as I once had before but what I can remember is that sleeping for me was always hard on me because I would always have the same pain whenever I wanted to sleep. It hurt too much to just wake up and say phew it's over...because it was that bad. There have been men and woman alike who in memory have taken great pleasure in causing my agony...Removed the dream catcher one day and the dreams were never as vivid but I still have the same problems to this day... the main verdict? there are people attacking my back side with their teeth, nails and on rare occasions drills...
If only I knew why this was always happening to me?
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Your dream features two classical symbols with the same meaning: the back, and underneath the bed. Both point to an unconscious content. At six years old, most nightmares of this kind point to a parent's negative influence on the child's psyche and health. A child often reacts to her parents' problems (of which she is not aware of) through physical upsets, nightmares etc. I have read many dreams like this one. Even if parents don't mean to harm their child, if they have marital issues, or secrets, or repressed feelings, or complexes etc, they will inevitably affect her through unconscious contamination.

Thanks for helping me understand a bit more about myself, this makes sense to me more now.

I'm glad I could help :)