Bitten In Sleep

Besides my back being attacked I was wondering if being attacked by the same means by the thigh and the back of my head was also the same result of subtle trouble from my household.
It doesn't matter how the dream really begins as much as the end result.
The only main difference besides how the three places differ is that if it's my back I can escape some of the pain by arching my back, the other two events I'm paralyzed. The back if my head is literally can feel like there is someone inside it yelling at me and when I wake up from that kind of dream my head actually feels heavy in the back as if I was really hurt in my sleep. The position in my sleep with my body also doesn't happen to be the cause of this.

I would love to discover what is constantly creating such upsetting and disturbing dreams. Can anyone analyze this?
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It might be a very uncommon case of sleep paralysis involving pain. I had never heard about one.

Uncommon? hmm, I wonder why it happens as much as it does.

Involving unbearable pain?

Yes, that and the sleep paralysis.

That's what I find uncommon, the combination. Maybe if you post your dream in the sleep paralysis group someone might have an explanation.

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I thought you only had this kind of nightmare when you were little. So you have been having them all these years? If so, we should consider a physical cause for them. Let me ask you a few questions:
1) You mentioned your thigh. Do you feel it paralysed too, and is it always the same thigh?
2) Why do you think the position has nothing to do with the dreams?
3) How often do you have them?
4) Are you prone to migraine?

Okay, what I meant to say before was that's as young as I remember having them, second I can't remember if it's always the same thigh...but my whole body is paralyzed. I don't believe my position in bed counts because I've slept with this dream in different positions so I guess it doesn't matter whether I sleep on my back or my side to have those.
I don't have the biting dreams often but they do happen on occasion.
And for the last one a big N-O. I never have migraines.