Subroto A Wounded Lover...

Rain, i need u baby....................

Separating me from my dreams just like that,
I don't know where God has hidden himself,
I don't know when I lost myself
How do I live, even my soul is away from me
Why do my paths ask me where my home is..
Why does knock ask me where the door is
Paths which have no destination,
Find me, now I live there only...
My heart is somewhere and heartbeat somewhere else,
Mine breaths are there but don't know why I'm not alive...
It became sand and flowed from my hands,
such that my luck is spilled everywhere..
How do I write a new tale,
I can't see the ink of grief to write with
The paths I chose was my will
Then why do I remain angry with myself..
What such mistake had I made that
you punished me to life...
O GOD, the World is as big,
as the lines on your forehead
My tears are erasing me,
The order of the God is not erased...
Why do I wake up
and He is sowing dreams
Why is my God sleeping like that with eyes open..
AryaRain AryaRain
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 23, 2012

an my baby.... feeling same....