This Love Dare Better Work Or It Is Over!

I have been married for almost 20 years, and have two children, I work full time my life is busy.  I am a Christian my husband is not, and it is getting very hard to stay with him.  I have stayed because I am a christian and I know I am supposed to: he does not beat me, he is not an alcoholic, he has not had an affair (with a real live woman, anyway) plenty of affairs with the computer and VCR though. I am doing the Love Dare as the last straw.  I am no longer in love with my husband as a matter of fact I don't even like him, but the truth is I want to!

Soo I am going to do the Love Dare I am going to give it everything I got I am on day 2, day 1 was not easy.  I have learned not to ask for help, because then I am being a nag so, yesterday I did 2 loads of laundry and took them around the corner to dry because our dryer is broke and he won't fix it, did the dishes and went shopping, while he played games on the computer. Today I have to do at least one unexpected act of kindness.  I can do this!  I will let you know how it goes!   

itry itry
2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

What has the fact you're a Christian and he isn't got to do with anything? Sounds like a BS excuse to me. There's something else.

What do you mean? There's something else? some other reason I am still in a marriage that sucks! or some other reason I want out! Yes to both there are many other reasons!

This dare will change your entire attitude and align you with love. Good luck and I'll be praying for you. You should write follow up stories to this one so we can encourage you. Feel free to send me a message.