After 16 Years.....over And Heartbroken.

I tried the love dare with my husband about a year ago and thought it was going great. We laughed more, smiled more and spent more time talking. On November 13th, 2009 he told me he wanted a divorce which devastated me to my core.  We now live in different homes and share time with our two children but seeing him everyday breaks my heart because I still love him so very much.  I wrote a heart felt letter about my feelings for him and he called this morning and tore it to shreds.  I started the Love Dare again 8 days ago and I am really having a hard time doing it this time.  He just blocks everything I do and everything I say and turns it around.  We are still married and we get along but he is not the same person I once knew.  He seems to have demons that he cant get loose from.  I am asking for support to keep this going because I want to save our marriage.

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They might but you know what...they too will see the real her. My husband and I did not have relations for the last two years we were married and before that was honestly once a year if even that. He always said he was tired and even went to dr. that prescribed Viagra and that did not always work. I was so lonely and did alot of self reflection in order to keep my self respect. I am attractive and thin and very athletic so I know that I still am attractive. I learned this weekend that before the affair I know about he was having another one. I was so blind that I only saw love when I looked at him and I had blinders on. I am done with the love dare and refuse to be treated that way any longer. Where are the men that repect women and treat them like should be..soft, gentle, loved and desired!!!!!! I want to find that man!!!!!!

sounds like my wife. She's not the same person I married 12 years ago. Nothing I do seems to impress her. She only cares about herself and our son. Did the love dare for 40 days and nothing. Though God and prayer is all I have left. We have been sleeping in different rooms for over 8 years and the last time we were sexual was over two years ago. She a very beautiful woman and I'm sure any guy would find her attracted.

Thanks secondfiddle. I am truely trying.