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Me And My Bestfriend In The Woods

this story actually happened yesterday my best friend Thor and I were out in the woods mushroom hunting. We had probably been at for 20 minutes when my friend yelled hey look over here so I looked and he was mooning me. So I was like why don't we just mushroom hunt naked then. To my surprIse he pulled down his pants and boxers to his ankles and started walking around the woods bare *** naked. It was funny at first and I couldn't stop laughing but then he called my name and I looked over at him and I saw his big fat **** and I'm not gay but it turned me on. So we are walking for a while with him still naked when we stopped and we were
talking by this time he has his clothes back on and idk how we got on this subject but we got talking Bout ******** and neither of us had had one before. So we start walking again and then my friend asked if I wanted to blow him. I thought it was a joke and said sure but you gotta blow me too. He said sure but you have to go first. I agreed still thinking it was a joke. He said alright but we need to get to a better place where we can sit down. Still thinking it was a joke I said ok lets try up over this hill. So we climb over the hill and came to a clearing surrounded by some trees. My friend then asked if I was serious and still thinking it was a joke I said hell yea. He then pulled down his pants again and out popped his big hard throbbing ****. I now knew he wasn't joking but his bug **** turned me on. So I got down and proceeded to suck his ****. It had to been at least seven inches if not eight inches and it felt great in my mouth. The only problem was I couldn't get him to *** I spent at least twenty minutes sucking his throbbing ****. I mean I was going at it hard and fast taking as much of his **** as I could but couldn't get his sweet *** out so I eventually got exhausted and said I couldn't do it anymore he said ok and gladly fulfilled his end of the bargain and then started to suck my ****. I'm average sized but he couldn't take in much more than the head of my ****. Which was ok with me cuz it felt great having his wet lips slobbering on my ****. After about five minutes I took my **** out of his mouth and blew a big load on the ground of the woods. That's my story and I'll update if anymore stuff happens between my friend and I.
Bigmitch Bigmitch 16-17 Apr 24, 2011

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