Nature's Way Is Best!!

I was quite young - less than 10 - when I realized that my penis was a bit different than the other boys whom I would see in the school bathroom. I wondered why they almost all seemed the same, and I do remember my own excitement when I first saw a friend's uncut penis! We got together down by the river and took our clothes off and had fun with our penises! Don't think we knew anything about docking or even ************, but it was fun comparing!
That was MANY years ago, but I still very much enjoy my foreskin; it does stick over the end a bit when my **** is soft, and more or less retracts by itself when I get hard (which is quite a lot!). As a child I was taught to pull it back when peeing so I didn't splatter; that led to more and more fun, and I still slide it back and forth when I begin to **********(which is quite a lot, too!). Once I get really into it, though, my foreskin stays back out of the way, and I stroke my erect glans - dry, as it turns out! Seems to feel better!
Anyone else experience this? I really enjoy talking about penises, testicles, foreskins, etc! I'll look for more on this site!
billydench billydench
61-65, M
Jan 16, 2013