Changing Lifestyles

So far, I led a healthy lifestyle. However, I am afraid that it has been changed.

Its been more than a month now, that I had had my breakfast. There is no one to blame for it, except my recently-befriended habit of sleeping very late.

When I get up in the morning, I don't have time for anything, except rush to my office.

These days, I feel so hungry at office. I try to suppress my hunger by drinking few cups of coffee.

Coffee is depriving my sleep, that leads me to getting up late. 'Then I hurry for office, skipping my breakfast. Again I feel hungry and start taking coffee.

I am caught up in a vicious circle.

I need to get out from this.

I am going to do some Yoga tomorrow.

Hope that will help me.
eeshwarr eeshwarr
31-35, M
Sep 29, 2011