Aggie's Secret With Her Teen-age Grandson

Agnes (I called her Aggie) was my step-grandmother. She married my widower maternal grandfather when I was only 2 years old, so Aggie was my grandmother as far as I was concerned. For whatever reason, Aggie always doted on my as a child--much more than my two older sisters. She and my grandfather lived in Tennessee during their 8 year marriage but after he passed away when I was around 10, Aggie moved to a small town in Georgia about 20 miles away from us. I guess she wanted to be closer to us.

As I was growing up, it wasn't unusual for at all for me and my sisters to stay at Aggie's when my parents went out of town, or on a weekend. She lived out in the country and there was lots to do, at least for me. But as time passed, my sisters (being much older then me) wanted to stay home--but I went to Aggie's house every chance I could. She let me stay up late, eat whatever I wanted, and just gave me lots of freedom to do as I pleased. In the summertime I would stay weeks at a time and hated to go home--and this was particularly true after I reached about 15 years of age. I'll soon explain why in more detail.

Aggie was a typical grandmother in every way--short, kinda plump, great cook, usually wore her hair in a bun, and always doing some kind thing for someone. I always slept with Aggis in her big bed-she had a color TV in the bedroom and let me watch it as late as i wanted while she went on to sleep. Aggie was raised in the hills of Tennessee, a country-type woman and a home body--I'm sure the only time Aggie ever left Tenn. was when she moved to Georgia soon after my grandfather's death. During the events about which I will soon relate, Aggie was in her late 50's and early 60's--and she looked every bit her age.

When I was in my early teens, my interest in staying with Aggie as often as I could was due to certain things completely unconnected with the matters that made me like staying with her as a child. To be more specific, Aggie's bosoms (as she called them) were extremely large by any measure--they were just HUGE. She always dressed conservatively and in ways obviously designed to minimize (as best she could) the size of her bosoms, but it didn't help much.

As one might expect from a male adolsecent in the middle and right after puberty and even though Aggie was my step-grandmother, I became infatuated with her large bosoms. And having always been so close to her from my childhood, it never occurred to me that I shouldn't let her know about my infatuation. Around age 15, I started asking Aggie if she would let me see and feel of her big bosoms. As I recall, the first few times she would just smile and say something like, "Oh honey, that's something granny's don't do with their grandsons--that's for grown-ups." But that polite response never deterred me from asking again and again. And I knew that Aggie knew that when I was with her, my **** was erect virtually all the time.

The lack of success with convincing Aggie to let me see those huge things required me to change my strategy. Our nightly routine since I was a child was that I would take my bath first, put on my pj's and get in Aggie's bed and watch TV while she took her bath. Then Aggie would come get in the bed and usually fall asleep in less than 5 minutes. One summer evening we followed our usual bedtime routine, and I made sure that Aggie was sound asleep in her usual position, which was laying on her side and facing the other way. I slowly lifted my hand, reached around Aggie, and softly placed my hand on her gown right on top of one of her big bosoms, and held it there. She made no sound or movement so after a minute or so, I began to softly squeeze her bosom--still no reaction other than her slight snore. Getting more brave by the second and with my **** now as hard as cement, I lifted my hand off her bosom and slid it inside the top of her gown.I now held one of Aggie's massive jugs in my hand. I felt of her big nipple, squeezing that big bosom as sofly as I could possibly make myself. I even moved my hand over to the other bosom and did the same thing, and Aggie's eyes remained closed and she exhibited no signs of wakening. I kept reminding myself to touch lightly, but soon my hand refused to obey me. As the minutes passed, I rubbed and squeezed my grandmother's massive bosoms as if she were in a deep coma, and finally stopped only after ***** started gushing from my ****!!!

I remember lying there motionless by Aggie for a minute, trying to catch my breath and decide what I needed to do next. My pajama bottom was soaked with *** and there was some *** on the sheet. Finally, I eased quietly out of the bed and tip-toed into the bathroom where I cleaned myself, and then sat down on the toilet to make sure what had just happened wasn't a dream. With thoughts still in my mind about having just enjoyed my grandmother's large bosoms, I stood up and *********** until I ********** again. I returned to bed. Aggie was still sleeping in the same position.

The next morning to my great relief, Aggie acted just fine--never giving the slightest indication that she was aware of me fondling her. Being certain she didn't know, I spent the rest of that day counting the minutes until Aggie would fall asleep with me beside her that evening. It seemed like a week, but finally the time arrived when we were in bed with Aggie asleep; however, this time she was lying on her back but with her head turned away from me. I considered for a moment that playing with her bosoms again might be too risky, but my urges were just overwhelming. It wasn't long before both of my hands were inside the top of her gown, squeezing those mounds of flesh as I went; I couldn't stop myself from sucking her big nipples, nor could I keep from rubbing my hard **** on the thigh of her leg. I soon lost anything resembling self-control. I was sucking Aggie's **** and hunching her thigh when I felt Aggie pull me on top of her. She looked me in the eye and said calmly, "This must always be our little secret honey--always--we must never tell a soul."

My grandmother slipped her hand under the bedcover, took my swollen **** and placed it on her vagina. She was soaking wet. Instinctively, I thrusted forward, entered her easily as she parted her legs, and began to vigorously **** her. Her big bosoms sloshed up and down and side to side as she smiled at me--then closed her eyes and moaned. Within 3 minutes I was dripping with perspiration and literally bouncing up and down, my whole body being in between my grandmother's slightly-raised and widely-parted legs, penetrating her over and over as deeply as a 15 year old boy possibly could while she moaned, groaned, and smiled.

To this day, I have never experienced anything close to the volume or the intensity of my first *********** into Aggie's vagina. Please understand that there were many, many more times for me and Aggie--hundreds more--in all types of positions, and including all types of sex--even anal sex at times. And she would come to playfully blame the sagging of her enormous bosoms on my years of sucking them.

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