My 1st Mfm Three-some

I was out with a buddy and we were chatting up a pair of girls. All was going really well and we were thinking we were both going to get lucky, and we did, just not like we expected. You see, one of the girls just suddenly took off....she was going downtown to meet friends. My buddy and I thought we were screwed and that the other girl was going to join her. Instead she turned to both of us, put a finger on each of our chests and said, "looks like I have both of you all to myself tonight." Wow.

So it was a little awkward, I mean this was my buddy and I had never even seen him naked and wasn't sure I wanted to. But we both knew we had to man up. We had a few more drinks back at my apartment and it wasn't long before he was making out with her on the couch. I came over and as soon as i did she started grabbing my **** through my pants. she unzipped my pants and started to suck me. Me and my buddy hi-fived each other quietly. In almost no time he had her pants off as she was sucking me off and was eating her *****. That's a shame because that's my forte and I wasn't sure if I'd want to lick her ***** after him. She was going crazy, sucking me and getting sucked. Then I threw a magnum on and started to **** her while my buddy was getting sucked.

All in all this went on for nearly 3 hours. It was intense. She got so hot at one point as she rode me she screamed out to my buddy "Mike **** my ***!" And he did. This was the most intense part. She claims to have had the best ****** of her life from the DP.

I'm not ashamed to admit I found the entire experience to be a complete turn on. Not a gay or bi bone in my body, but seeing her getting such pleasure from both of us was a real turn on. We were also able to take short breaks while the other guy kept working which enabled me to enjoy an erotic show or sorts like live ****. There's so many enjoyable aspects of this experience, a small story doesn't do it any justice.

Am I weird for enjoying this so much and craving it again? Shouldn't I be craving 2 women a lot more? -but somehow I'm not....
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3 Responses Sep 12, 2012

You definitely are not weird, very far from it in fact.

Ur not crazy its a cool thing. U shud do it again. Look at my pics. U will see a dp

You and your friend together were able to do things to this girl that neither of you could have done alone. And you drove her to heights that she said she had never known. You two should be proud, and I see more 3-somes on your horizon if you and your buddy don't freak out. You lucky to find such a hot, open-minded girl. Many men have had to work long and hard (and not always sucessfully) to talk a woman into a 3-some. I've had both FMF and MFM and would do both in a minute; but I enjoy MFM more.