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What The Blackboard Says

Here is what the blackboard says about boys dress codes.

Changes to the boys dress codes

1. Dresses are now allowed
2. Skirts are now allowed
3. Tights and or pantyhose are allowed for undergarments.


Now wouldn't this be great if the schools did post this on the boards. I bet many boys would be leaping for joy with these new options. Time for this to happen now. In my group avatar are 3 boys. Two of them are in dresses and the 3rd is in a skirt and blouse. I do hope gg's will have boys go to school in dresses and skirts. This would be a very good thing to see on the blackboards on the first few days of school. Plenty of boys would then be able to go to their moms and seek these wonderful articles to wear to school instead of trousers and shorts. I really am advocating change with this alot. Boys clothes are boring and lack pizzaz. Dressing like this will be much more exciting for boys. Boys, you still have time this summer to think about this. You know you want to be free of your trousers. So I urge you all to make this happen.
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T 5 Responses Jul 1, 2012

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Schools should have "Turnabout Days", lasting at least two weeks. Boys in skirts and dresses, girls in pant and boys' shirts. Boys spanked for being naughty girls; girls who are naughty get to pick a boy to be spanked for her.

what i dont get is why is it so easy to be a ftm and not a mtf its like a stroke a bad luck just to be a mtf because of the hell you need to go through

Can you add me as a friend so I can see what your all about. Also you should change your age settings to 18-21 so you can get more friends too.

Also, not only wanting these changes, showing to all the benefits of such changes.<br />
There are some who dont like change

we are trying