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Dress Code

Every code must include this no matter what else is in the dress code.

-all sexes are to be treated equal, the dress code shall be made without
regulations for each sex, but with regulations strictly for people only.

Therefore whatever is permitted to be worn in a dress code, is permitted
MissJanice MissJanice 18-21, F 5 Responses Jul 1, 2012

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What a wonderful rule.

great idea

The day your dress code becomes the rule will be a wonderful day. i hope it happens sooner or later.

thats so true lol iv never had a dress code specifically for boys or girls but i bet if i went into school with a skirt and blue shirt on id get crucified

I agree Janice that all clothing should have the gender tag or label removed. Sayin a dress will turn a boy gay is like saying a boy in a trenchcoat is a spy. Girls do dress as boys and the opposite should also be accepted as the same, it doesn't change who the person is on the inside.

When will people realize that.A boy in a dress won't make him gay.