Sick Lumby Dalmatiom

One of my dogs I have had for 11 years, Her name is Shelby she is a Dalmatian dog, I love her to pieces. she has suffered from seizers since she was 3 years old . she has the bad ones that when she gets them it shakes the floor, shes on meds twice a day. now she is getting lumps all over her body . I had some removed they were not cancerous, but now they seem to be popping up all over her body any one out there have a glue please let  me know .
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One of my Dalmatians has strange seizures, but lived to 17 years old and had 8 puppies, of which we kept 2. None of her puppies even had seizures that we know of.

Definitely a vet question! Does very vaguely sound like a human condition known called neurofibromatosis, in which people get lots of benign growths all over and out of their nerves. (Seizures can be connected). But I don't see how that helps, whereas a vet would :P If your current vet doesn't know... get a new vet!

sorry i have no clues, i assume you've had her to the vet. as long as she's comfortable, eating, drinking, just love her to death. animals mean the world to me and i think they do for you too. take good care of her