Oh boy I think I got took a bit again at my vet think Ill change. he charged me 233 for my cat which  it was only infected anal glands, he took blood work which i thought was for infection but he did a whole panel. 10 xrays to see if she had stones and squeezed her anal glads .I should of known better he always adds in on his visits I'm glad my cat is OK  thou but 135 of the bill was add on. guess ill make a list and make sure i ask  I wished my old vet was around he was a nice person only did what was necessary
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Don't you have any other choices? I went out to buy Advantage for cats yesterday and was told it was $98 for six!! I knew that was too much, went home and called my regular vet (who is further away but treats only cats and I like her) and it was $62 for SEVEN. Then I called a closer one I'd never been to. Ended up paying $58 for SEVEN doses. The first one said they don't give a free dose if you buy six. How mean.