Darby Doo Little

my name for my pit bull mix I say that cause hes a mutt if you ask me he does have that big mouth thou but he had big eyes like a boxer. he is a very sweet little dog, a few years back my daughter lived in the inner city and her neighbor left with both dogs chained up and starving this is sick I tell you, The man was a crack head  instead of feeding the dogs you guessed it it went for dope , his wife got a surprise when she came over to get the mother dog. I did call the humane society but those kind of dogs they just put to sleep so I was on a dilemma on what to do with this puppy my daughter was feeding them also . man what a mess, well one night the puppy got in trouble I guess my daughter went home and found him full of blood and his face was messed up he is about 3 months old , so she came to me and I took him to the vet, his nose was broken from bite probably from the dog down the street it was out of the yard not sure really, well the vet cleaned him up gave him a shot and I took him home.I felt so bad for the little guy he seemed very nice but scared he was afraid to go to the bathroom and would go right by the back door I think afraid he would be left out side again he lived in below zero weather for about a week, He would keep warm with the other dog under the house, I am glad we kept him so far hes been a good boy he is three know hope he stays that way I do wish people would not starve and leave their animals its so cruel
GrannyGumps GrannyGumps
51-55, F
Jun 27, 2007