I would like to share a link with this group.
This delightful blog is a collection of articles about intelligence in non-human animals, and is an interesting exploration of examples of animals apparently displaying much more intelligence than they are usually given credit for.

Fun reading, but amongst it all is a nice reminder that human claims to superiority are less clear cut than they might seem at first glance.

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3 Responses Jul 26, 2007

Speaking of rhesus...<br />
My blood type is RH {rhesus} negative.<br />
99.9 % of the human population of the world has the rhesus factor in their blood.<br />
Those that don't...are starpeople.<br />
We are not of this world and we don't have MONKEYBLOOD!<br />
Delusions yes.<br />
Monkeyblood no.<br />

"Recently, Delhi’s rhesus macaques have been getting into all sorts of, well, monkey business, tossing around top-secret documents at the defense ministry, pursuing commuters right on to the cars of the city’s new subway system, even invading hospitals and yanking IVs out of patients’ arms so they can suck up the glucose."<br />
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
Took the link and now I will have dreams of monkeys yanking IVs out of patient's arms so they can suck up the glucose....<br />
<br />

I'll take the link....