I am depressed right now. I have been cutting again. It ended last October, but started up again. I am 21 now. I am legally able to drink. That is good. Even though I drank at my dad's house when I was still 20. Oh well. Right now we have a girl here, Kelly, she calls the cops for non-emergency things. She is mentally ill and needs to go to the hospital. She is on the run now. She might have been found by now. Cops came last week 2 times in the middle of the night cause Kelly called to say she thought heard screaming from a new person's room. Called twice for that. Then this week about how Cathy, a lady here was supposedly talking about killing Kelly's daughter. And so they came for that. They came on some prank calls too. They are tired of coming cause of her. Then she called the cops on her sister who lives else where. She said she was crazy. So she went on the run and now we can't find her. Well, she could be found by now. The staff had a meeting with her and stuff. But that didn't help. She is like schizophrenic or something. I will pray for her.  My next door neighbor at my group home here, Dwain, he is "praying" really loud and shouting nonsense stuff. Very annoying in the middle of the night. The cops remembered me from when they used to come for me. One even saw my arms and asked if I cut recently. I had. But they were from last Tuesday. I just cut tonight. I am so depressed right now. I wish my sister would go back to school. She is currently NOT in school. She is a Junior in high school. My dad doesn't tell her to go. He doesn't care. She sleeps and stuff and is kind of lazy. She is also gaining weight and I am worried about her. I pray she doesn't get diabetes. It runs in the family. I am also afraid she will not graduate with her class. She "says" we are moving back to Oregon. Yeah right. I am looking for a new group home to live at. I finally got Medicaid and I can luve closer to my family. That would be nice. Life sucks right now. I finally made a MySpace page. I have never had one. But I am glad I made one. It was snowing today. Just a little. Well, I better go before I get any more depressed just writing about it. Oh and Julie, a lady here, she got sent to the hospital cause she got upset her son didn't get out of jail soon enough or something. Well, good day.



animelover2 animelover2
18-21, F
Mar 7, 2009