Hilarious (but Disgusting) Convo

This is a convo my older brother had on omegle, its reeally gross, but funny at the same time.
So yeah, I had to make this viewable for only people over 18, cause this is reeally sick and wrong in every way possible! lol

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: horny?
You: oh snap! you pushed my buttons
You: bored much?
Stranger: yeah
You: cool, Ima drive you nuts then, first person to disconnect loses
You: haha
Stranger: haha
Stranger: lets do this
You: ok
You: say what you want to make me want to leave
Stranger: ******* ******
You: i got some crazy **** up my sleaves
You: As we speak, I'm taking a dump
You: arn't laptops fun!
Stranger: ahahahahah
You: indeed
You: i wonder who will crack first
You: I've won 3 times now
You: you got past every1 else
You: the rest disconnected after the whole taking a dump line
You: haha
Stranger: haha
Stranger: i love taking a ****
You: same here
You: I like to be a hero and **** on the ceiling
You: unlike some ppl who **** on the floor
Stranger: i like to put **** in my mouth and throw it up so i can lose weight
You: I should try that!
You: I bet it tastes like warm chocolate!
Stranger: not really
Stranger: tastes like burned carrots
You: mmmmm!! I like carrots and apparently **** tastes like burnt ones
You: Ima eat my own crap for now on
You: it will save me allot of money
Stranger: hell yeah
You: well...congrats you got way past every1 else who tried beating me in this
You: hahaha
You: your one sick bastard
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: thanks
You: no probs =D
You: but it aint over yet
Stranger: im on like donkey kong
You: I AM donkey kong
Stranger: then ill beat you like the ****** you are
You: nah you'll just wind up on your face cause I'll lay **** out on the ground
You: try and get me now!
Stranger: i am already **** on the ground
Stranger: youd slip on me and land in ****
You: I don't have a toilet so guess where I **** anyways?
Stranger: you **** in your comatose mothers mouth
Stranger: like a steaming fudge brownie of steamed carrots
You: its what she thinks is best for me
You: I listen to my mommy
Stranger: what if she wanted you to bang her?
You: I guess I'll have to won't I?
Stranger: wincest
Stranger: id fap to that ****
You: hahaha
You: have you ever eaten **** of the ground, thrown up and then eaten it?
You: I have
You: it was gooood
Stranger: have you ever thrown up in a nother guys ******* eaten it with a ****?
You: Nope but I would love to try it
You: **** is better than sex!
Stranger: hell yeah!
Stranger: i fap everyday because my gf wont touch me
You: what if I told you I was your mother
Stranger: my moms wrapping presents 5 feet away from me
Stranger: while getting assfucked by my dad
You: niice
You: thats what I call getting into the christmas spirit
Stranger: yeah
You: you should join them
Stranger: yup
Stranger: im going to stick my **** down her throay
You: have fun tell them I wanted to join but I'm too busy pooping
Stranger: until she throws up
You: and then Ima bake my crap and turn it into **** cake
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: send me one
You: sure thing, I'll **** on it to give it some extra flavor
Stranger: mmmmmm my favorite spice
You: yup its awesome
You: its like eating a ball sack full of ****
You: its the cherry on top
Stranger: oh yeah!
Stranger: my favorite part
You: have you ever eaten someone elses **** while ******* in your own lunch?
You: its fun, but kinda difficult
You: its like playing twister
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Sick huh? lol

BTW, all the disgusting and racist comments from this convo are not to be taken seriously. I don't know about the other guy, but my brother isn't like that. Just thought I should mention it.

Oh and heres another one from my brother, I tried to upload the screenshot of it but it didn't work, so I'll just copy and paste.

Stranger: Hi babe, asl?
You: Aww you think I'm a babe?
Strange: What? You're not?
You: I just think its sweet that you called me babe
Strange: Well you diserve it, sweet heart
You: Aww, stop it, your making me blush
You: ...Now touch my penis
Your conversational partner has disconnected

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Jul 26, 2010