Weird And Funny Convo

This is by far one of my weirdest convos, its pretty funny.

Stranger: Heya
You: Hi, my name is you, whats your name?
Stranger: Me
You: Nice to meet you me
Stranger: You to you
You: where are you from me?
Stranger: Home
You: Google is yous home
Stranger: Okey :)
You: How old are you, me?
Stranger: I think i'm older than you, you
You: Well me, I really doubt that you are older than you is
Stranger: Arn't you you?
You: I am you
Stranger: Good, cause i thought you was me
You: Noo, you're me, i'm you, how could you be you as in me, me? haha, silly me
Stranger: Yeah, your right, that was silly of me, you too you
You: Right, right
You: So, back to age, how old are you me?
Stranger: I'm 17, you you?
You: I'm 15, you win
You have disconnected
18-21, F
6 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Lmao 5 minutes after I finished reading it

i love this. LOL

@jknomnom WTF? mate, GTFO

lol I guess most young people think older people arn't cool or 'hip' enough to be on sites like omegle. Not me though, older people can be fun too =p

"Noo, you're me, i'm you, how could you be you as in me, me?" hahaha, you worded that perfectly, but it took me 5 minuets to actually understand it, lol

lol whaaat?