I Am Done . No More Expectations

i remember i was in 3rd standard i think all the people were making laugh out of me as i was running but slipped and fell down on floor . evrybody is laughing, no one saw my broken elbow untill next morning when it was swollen. same i am feeling today . i just asked my dad to buy me a motorbike he said alright do this work and he would buy me an old one . i agreed . but when its finished it all went out same . he refused. this isnt first time.......but last i think so cuz m nevr going make any demand to him.

i..i am so ****** up i barely eat a bread in the whole day . walked about 13 kms ......for what?? nothing but another refusal .

i dnt knw wht to do . i feel ashamed when i got to meet my relatives (cannot xplain) cuz my guardian dont knw wht they have done to me . m looking for a job but cannot get one . i am burdened as my sis is pregnant and i have to be a good uncle . but without anything in my hand how i could be . i am alone cuz evryone is atleast enjoying thier HOME.

i am just 21 but i have experienced a lot . or it would b better if i would say i "sufferd" a lot . i am missing my gf. she is my queen yeah she is my luck all the way but she is a bit apart right now. i cannot even win her from the world .

what else could you expect from a guy who is abused in all possible ways i.e truns out to be a loser . nothing else . :'(
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18-21, M
Nov 30, 2012