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No We Are Not All Gay

I just finished reading a story by someone who is convinced that all crossdressers are gay.He admits that he enjoys being with a man because he dresses.That is fine for him and others.They feel that by putting on a dress,that makes them gay.If a woman dresses like a man,does that make her gay.Wearing a dress can not and will not make you gay.We are born the way we are in life.True it might take time for some to realize what they are.Some fight the feeling they have for something.They try to hide what they feel.Some claim to be straight but as soon as they put on any female clothing they have to have a man.That is bullshit.If you desire a man when dressed,then you are gay or Bi.If you have any sexual contact with the same sex,that is what being gay or Bi is.You can not justify being with a man by just putting on female clothes.Again,wearing a dress DOES NOT make a person gay.I really don't know why i dress other than i was born this way.Why do people have to take something so innocent like dressing and turn it into something it is not.People like these is why crossdressers have such a bad and hard time in life.Your the reason young and older crossdressers are afraid to come out.The fear of being labeled "gay".If you want to have sex with a man,that's fine.Just don't blame the dress.I have had alot of gay friends.Afew didn't like it that i dressed.They said xdressers gave gays a bad image.I feel you x-dressers can not accept the fact you are gay.You have to blame dressing for it and want all x-dressers to be like you.WE are not all Gay.So you be happy and enjoy your life.I certaintly enjoy mine with my wife and adult kids.This story was written by a 100% straight,crossdressing man......If anybody wants to read his story here's the title----True Crossdressers Can't Be Straight.
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 2 Responses Nov 16, 2012

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Like asking what causes cancer, why do men cross dress? Even crossdressers can't really answer that one, but being a cd does not mean that you are gay. Some even suggest that we have tendencies to be pedophiles, ridiculous!
Personally, I believe that the reason I cross dress was started by a very embarrassing situation caused by my teacher (at a very young age). Before those incidences, I had no desire to dress like a girl, even though I had sisters. I couldn't see what my teacher saw, so I secretly tried on one of my sister's dress. After a few minutes staring at myself in the mirror, I realized that my sisters had a great life and I wanted the same.
The image in the mirror then reflected a desire to be a girl.
As far as I am concerned, I wasn't born a cd, I was made into one. This then begs the question: Is there a cure? I strongly believe that there is. If I ever find this answer, I will let the world know.

Since when did the clothes we prefer to wear determine our sexual preference? This just goes to show true ignorance and stupidity of some people.

I have delt with afew before about this.Long time ago an x-female friend tried setting me up on dates with her gay male friends.She wouldn't listen to me that i was straight.I was married at the time,too.She and others believe if a guy wears a dress,he has to be gay.I wonder if they could tell what a naked guy is?

"I wonder if they could tell what a naked guy is?" Hmmm? Good question

There is a test.Have a gay man and a straight man standing naked.Have a woman walk by.Which ever man "stood at attention",would be the straight man