Anr Morning

I feel the chill in the air
As I stroke her angelic hair
She opens her robe for me to see
That she is ready and waiting for me.

I slide beside her my arms wrapped around
She holds me near not making a sound
I feel her leg go over mine
As we begin to intertwine.

She takes me to her nurturing chest
To latch on to her waiting breast
As I take her nipple in
I see the beginning of a loving grin.

She holds me close to her form
Covering me now to keep me warm
As I start to suckle slow
I taste the warmth of her milky flow.

Her love now feeds my soul
As I offer her control
She begins to softly stroke my hair
As she offers her love to share.

With every swallow I take her in
Feeling her heart rate pickup again
Her leg rubbing the back of me
I can tell she is in ecstasy.

Our bodies laying parallel
Lost in this heavenly swell
Her love so sweet and precious to me
There is no place I would rather be.

As I hold her and drink her in
I can tell its about to begin
As she grasps me closer with each spasm
I can feel her sweet loving ******.

Her body shakes with a sensual desire
Like her soul has been lit on fire
She cries out grasping me tight
As I marvel at this beautiful sight.

As I empty her of milk
I run my hands through her hair of silk
Finally coming up for air
I kiss her deeply with love we share.

I feel her body so soft to touch 
That I love and admire so much
As I take in a part of her soul
Her final ****** has taken its toll

Now it has come time to rest
She holds me under cover, close to her breast
Her heart beating is the only sound
In this heaven that I have found.


Dreampoet Dreampoet
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16 Responses Nov 29, 2012

This is beautiful. It's difficult to find anything about ANR that is just plain beautiful and speaks of the loving feelings between two people.


Beautiful xx

So beautftiful, thank you for writing this. Exactly how sublime, natural and blissful ANR is between a couple.

You are very welcome, hopefully one day I will experience it.

Wonderful . def a dream come true

so beautiful!

This is absolutely beautiful!

Somewhere between milk flow and heaven you touched my soul, as well as various other appendages. THIS is art. don't let anyone tell you that you're a boobie sucking freak.

Thank you very much.

What a beautiful picture this brings to mind, mmmm!

Lovely and a desire I would love fulfilled

awww I love this


Thank You

This one is good. It has good meter and keeps an even pace. That's hard to do sometimes and still have a stanza make sense. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it. Thank you.

Thank You for reading.

Oh my god!!! That is amazing. I'm sorry and happy that this is the first I've read you. We are trying to do this, and now I want it more than ever. I will show this to my wife, and she will love it also.

Im glad you enjoyed it.

You deserve a Queen to adore,
who'll appreciate your words, leave her in awe
As you whisper your sweet lines to her,
feel her wetness and hear her purrrrrrrrr

That made me smile. :)

glad hun xx

This is such a nice piece. I love your writing style. The poetry was excellent.

Thank you.

that is beautiful. i don't know how you do it but this is a gift ya..

I think of you and it just comes to you sweety.