Ask me anything! I'm bored.
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Do you like to wear high heels?

will you send me any photo of yourself?

to me

When was the last time you wore nude or tan sheer pantyhose?

Are you a bad girl ?

I don't know. Read my last story on myself stepping on some random guy and you tell me if I am? I have potential.

What is the meaning of life?

Do what you want to do! Have fun. Don't worry about what other people think because honestly no one gets out alive anyways. Make the most out of time you have while you have it. (:

Ok. Round 2. What is your favorite color?


Last one. Who is your role model?

Never thought of that. I guess I don't really have one because I've never looked up to anyone. No one has ever been my motivation or the reason for why I do things. I do things and am motivated for myself.

Wrong! Its 42

What's 42?


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Are you tall ?!

No. Only 5'2 lol

Your weight ?!


Good for you

I guess so lol

Im 5.8 , 140 pound

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