Didn't Know He Was There

I've enjoyed being naked ever since I was a little girl, and started going naked sometimes when I was home alone as a kid. With the exception of one very close girlfriend in high school, no one else knew my little secret.

In college, I had a roommate who was raised in a nudist household and started sleeping nude. Slowly we started going nude in our room and eventually he introduced me to social nudism, taking me to meet her family and to a nearby nude beach. We decided to get an apartment our sophomore year so that it would be easier for us to go nude when we wanted (living in a 10x15 box is pretty limiting, after all).

Not long after we moved in to the apartment, we decided to order a pizza.  I had just come home from the gym, so after ordering I ******** off my sweaty clothes and hopped in the shower.  Not realizing that the pizza guy was there, I walked out of the bathroom (as I usually do) and into the living room wearing nothing but the towel I had wrapped my wet hair in. Those I was a bit shocked to see the pizza guy, I decided to take it in stride, said something like "wow, the pizza got here fast," and walked to the kitchen and started pouring drinks.

Since we were both usually naked, we kept robes near the door to throw on when anyone knocked.  The next time we ordered a pizza, I went to answer. As I was grabbing my robe, I looked through the peep hole and noticed that it was the same guy who had delivered the time before. Considering that he had already seen me naked once, I decided to just open the door without worrying about the robe. From there is just became common practice to not worry about what we weren't wearing when people knocked.

Eventually, one time several deliveries later, the pizza guy asked "are you two lesbians or something?" My roommate answered "no, just nudists." I guess that was only kind of half true...while she and I never had a relationship and while I don't consider myself bi, there is a key reason why that "close girlfriend" in high school knew about my nudist ways...

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It was my wife's first birthday since our marriage.

That day my wife wanted to surprise me with a romantic note.

She painted her bared top to look like she wearing a low cut blouse. She opened the door to greet me on I coming back from office.
It was truly stunning, she painted her body well. Only the poking nipples could tell she was not wearing a blouse!
We were into a big laughter enjoying the fun.
Suddenly another knock at the door. Abruptly I opened the door to the courier boy with a flower bouquet asking my wife by name. A bouquet of flowers from her parents on her birthday. The courier boy bowed in a courteous manner to hand over the flowers to my wife. I saw his smile widening as his eyes glued staring onto her breasts.
Her nipples firmed up even more and so was the bulging crotch of the courier boy.

A nice story, sweetie! Nudity is-
indeed-relaxing, enjoyable, and fun!

Do you experience any thrill when someone sees you naked for the first time or do you take it completely in stride?

I always get a thrill out of being seen naked. I like to play it off that being seen anked means nothing to me, but I definitely have an exhibitionist streak as well.

I think its that exhibitionist streak that makes nudism fun. I mean if your gonna be nudist and not worry about whether people see you nude isn't there a tinge of exhibitionism there? Fun.

You and me both!

Love the story. I had a pizza girl that I did the same thing to. I will have to share the story soon. :-)

It is a shame that we can't go nude whenever and wherever we like. Think of going shopping nude! what fun.