once i was goin shopping i was wearing a mini skirt ant tank top,there was a hook in the wall it got stuck to my top it just tore it i was topless.
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thats hot...any ta see em

Details, please! You say you were shopping, so I presume it was in a store. What kind of store? Who was present? Who saw? What were the reactions? How long were you topless? How did you feel about it? Were you able to put it back on, or was it so torn up it was beyond repair? <br />
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You might have posted this under "accidental nudity." <br />
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BTW, very lovely and daring avatar. (We appreciate it) I presume that's you. You're hot!

Now you have me wondering if there is some way I can arrange a "wardrobe malfunction" so I suddenly lose my shorts while not wearing anything else!