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Pizza Delivery

I always felt I should never have to put on a robe to answer the door when someone comes knocking. But like most I was always concerned the person may be offended.

One New Years Eve we had a few nudist friends over and we decided to order a couple of pizzas to eat.

After we made the call to order them, someone asked if we are going to get dressed or should we answer the door nude. It soon became a dare who would stay nude and who would get dressed.

After an hour we heard the doorbell ring. OK who will be the brave one and answer the door?  Up jumped my one friend and said I will if you will. With that we both walked over to the door and as we opened it we seen a huge smile come across the guy's face. We asked him to come in and wait till we got the money to pay him. He laughed and entered. He was all smiles and said the other guys will not believe this. We took his cell phone camera and took a pic so he could show his co-workers. We went to pay him and he said these pizzas are on him and thanked us and left.

We all had a good laugh over it and went back to eat and watch the ball in Time Square drop to begin the new year.


sheenco39 sheenco39 41-45, F 39 Responses Mar 18, 2008

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I love opening the door nude . My mrs and I had friends over one night and we also ordered take away and all of us went to answer it all nude . The guys face was a picture and we invited him back when he finished work . He said he would be with us just after midnight with his girlfriend in tow . We waited till 2 am but he never came but it was still a good night .

Did you give him a big tip?

Only pizza on the menu?????

In some states a person can be charge with public nudity if their neighbor see them nude through a window of the nude person's house. Laws against nudity are a crime against the natural order of nature.

Hahaha. That was great! I'm sure you made his day/month/year! And he had a photo to prove he wasn't making it up! Nice. Thanks for sharing. BTW...are there any openings for delivery drivers in your area? ;-)

Love it

Wonderful! Please add.

You started his year off right! That would have been great to capture on camera. Please add me, I like your jparties!

Lucky guy

I enjoyed your story of the pizza delivery. It showed me that you can have fun in this lifestyle. Would like to share some experiences. Thanks

wish i was that lucky guy. :)

A girl at my work was a pizza delivery person,and the pizza place would always send her to make the deliveries at a local nudist resort. The gate keeper at the resort told her she had to take her clothes off to make the delivery,she would not comply . She told the gate keeper if they want their pizza they had to come pick it up at the gate because stripping is not part of her job. <br />
I have never told her I was a nudist,or questioned her rejection about nudism,because I don't want to open up a door that could land me Before our company HR department.<br />
Nudism is for me ,but not for everyone around me. <br />
I think answering the door in the nude in this day and age could invite danger to one self. With all the mentally sick people our society has created by attaching sex to nudity,and using sex to sell every thing. I think many serial rapists and murders are people who's minds are bombarded with sex through the commercial and entertainment media,but can't have normal sex relations because woman reject them for some reason.

Whenever we take a 'long weekend' at our WestPennNaturalist Spa and swim we always stay the night at a local hotel so we don't have to drive the 1 1/2 hours home and of course, it wouldn't be a 'get away' if we did???<br />
<br />
Anyway, we always order out and never dress when the delivery 'man' (when ordering Chineese it's usually a woman or young girl) and it's load's of fun to have them just kind of hang around as we 'take our time' getting our money, etc. that we should have had ready from the time of hanging up, etc...LOL!<br />
<br />
Even had one girl come back with 'extra' chop sticks and she brought a guy with her...they brought us complimentary drinks too...asked us lot's of questions about being without our clothes and we're very interested when we told them about our 'nude swim's'...great fun being a nude couple with an non nude couple delivery couple...we even ate most of our food while they were there with us and we just spoke with them about the freedom of the way of life...

have you answered the door nude for any others?.......if so how was it...........

likely made his year. love seeing naked ladies unexpectedly

Wish i was delivering somrthing around your house.

Flashing the pizza guy is always fun with my wife wife. You should check my wife's pic for the pizza guy and our numerous stories on such.

hey i always do this to the pizza delivery men but i always ask for tim or justin so i can answer the door nude and even when i was pregnant i did

Couldn't you invite the poor guy to stay and dine with all of you !!!!

fun times

I actually delivered a pizza naked once. I worked for Pizza Hut back then and we had this one gorgeous repeat customer. She would always flirt and flash. It was my last day at Pizza Hut and since it was my last day, I ******** down and walked up to her door and rang the doorbell. It was a great time!

Ding dong pizza is here ;)

Hey, go you! I've done the same =)

Hey, go you! I've done the same =)

I always answer teh door nude and love the look on the faces, makes me hot and wet :)

great stories, keep up the nakedness

I love being nude I know how you must feel. I get nude every chance I get when a home. I would love to have friends who would share the experience together.

I love being nude I know how you must feel. I get nude every chance I get when a home. I would love to have friends who would share the experience together.


Very nice story and what a lucky delivery man