One Pizza Guy, A Landlord, And Some Random Dude

So one time I was packing up my things because I was getting ready to move to a new apartment. I was getting kind of hungry and cleaned out most of the food in my apartment so I decided to order some pizza. I placed an order for delivery and as I was waiting an idea suddenly popped into my head. My ex-boyfriend and I had some fun before with delivery guys before with me answering the door completely nude. I've nevere done it by myself before. I'm a bit paranoid and always think the delivery guy might end up stalking me or something and before I always had my boyfriend to sort of protect me. At that moment being alone I remember being a bit hesitant, but thought why not and decided to have some fun. It's not like he could track me down since I was moving in a few days. So I ******** down to nothing and soon enough I hear the door bell ring. I remember thinking to myself he was here pretty quick but I was getting pretty excited so I walk up to the door and swing the door open anticipating the look on the delivery guys face. Only thing was that it wasn't the delivery guy but my landlord! Even worse he had some guy next to him, both with their eyes bulging out. I totally forgot that he asked me earlier if it was ok if he brought some people to see the apartment. We're all standing there for what feels like eternity and he finally asked if maybe this wasn't a good time after all. I just say its fine, I grab a robe from my room and let them in. The tension is a bit awkward, both leave after my landlord shows the guy the apartment. I can see a grin on both of their faces as they leave. A few minutes later I here the doorbell ring again. This time I look though my door peep hole and see that it's the delivery guy this time. I just say the myself what the hell, let my robe fall to the floor, here we go again ;-)

P.S. afterwards my landlord offered to knock a hundred off my rent if I wanted to stay. Lol.
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8 Responses Dec 4, 2011

Love a girl with that much flirt!!!!!!!!!!!

I would let you stay for free :)

I'm surprised it was only $100.

Great story. You sound like you are a lot of fun

Great story. You sound like you are a lot of fun

What luck.... three for the price of one.

It sounds like it was great fun.

exhibitionism can sometimes suprise the exhibtioner LoL. great story, keep it up!!