Once I had "met" a co-nudist on an online site that I belong to. We had several chats about clubs, resorts, et cetera where we had been nude.She was also a member of a resort that I had wanted to visit.

One day, she invited me over to go the resort with her. I lived about 90 minutes away and would have to drive. This was early in the morning and she challenged me to just drive on over naked. I did, got to her address, walked up to her door, rang the bell and boy was she surprised. She hadn't expected me to actually do it but I did.

She was wearing only a sheer "robe" so it was as if she also had answered the door in the nude.

We never did make it to the club that day, I don't really recall why but think that the weather had turned sour so we just stayed naked in her house until her kids came home later in the day.
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We have the strict policy of answering the doot fully nude and barefoot, it is great fun. By the way, we can think of many reasons why one would prefer to stay at the place of a fellow nudist of the opposite sex...

Sounds pleasant.