Wrong Room

It was pretty funny, actually. I had gotten a hotel room near where I was working and had a girlfriend that also worked nearby. I had called her and gave her my room number, and said stop by when you get off work. In the meantime I was laying on the bed naked, thinking about her arrival and toying with my **** and had gotten myself rock hard when there was a knock at the door. I jumped off the bed, not bothering to look out the peep hole, and threw the door open, expecting my girlfriend and here stands a 30 something, somewhat overweight lady! She looks me up and down, then focuses on my hard on and says, Oh my god, I think I've got the wrong room. A few seconds of awkward silence followed and she didn't move and I finally said, are you sure, maybe you want to come in anyway (knowing she wouldn't). She said, well that might be interesting, kind of snickering, but I'm suppose to be picking up my Aunt and Uncle for dinner and you aren't them. She said have a good evening, whatever it is you were planning, and left.

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Jun 25, 2012