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Campaign 2012

OK Tuesday was election day and people were out and voting. Of course, some were still trying to go around and have you vote for their candidate.

Well a Mitt Romney supporter decided to stop by my house, and I guess we discussed the naked truth. lol

It was a beautiful day so I had the windows open and taking a very relaxing airbath when I heard a knock on my screen door. This lady could see I was there and started to ask me if I voted and who I voted for and what party I registered with. I found these questions a bit personal and decide to let her see for herself.

So I stood up and walk to the door way. Her eyes went big and she stopped talking for a moment.
She then informed me that she was uncomfortable with my nudity and I should not parade around naked for her too see.
I reminded her that my neighborhood was a non soliciting neighborhood and that I am a nudist, this is my home and that she was invading my privacy and right to be comfortable.
She said political solicitation is legal in non solicitation zones and I still should be wearing something.
I reminder her that it is still my privacy not to have ANY solicitation and nudity was not illegal. Also since she was going house to house, see should be ready for people's responses no matter what. After all, isn't this the USA and we are to have freedoms? If you don't like it why are you staring at my ****? Why don't you just say goodbye and leave if you are uncomfortable?
She could not say anymore so she left in a huff. Of course not leaving before taking one final long look.

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Bare Hugs
nudydude nudydude 51-55, M 14 Responses Nov 7, 2012

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I guess maybe I should post my story about how I was naked in front of the Obama campaigner.

why not

Yeah, go for it!

Hmmm ... interesting to hear about the Romney campaigner getting bent out of shape in response to the door answered by a naked guy, while the Obama campaigner is cool with it. Another reason why I think we elected the right guy.You can disagree with me, of course: but you can't make me put on my clothes!

I don't know, the democrats aren't always cool with it. Nanci Pelosi was quite smug with her stance in favor of re-illegalizing public nudity in San Francisco.

OMG lol...the very same thing happened to me during the night of the DNC, only it was an Obama supporter and she didn't mind that I was funny.

Nothing worse than someone coming into your house and telling you what you should be doing, gets my goat I tell you. In fact when she arrived you should have told her that people are expected to remove their clothes when they come in. Isn't that the same as removing your shoes in someones house who has a very light carpet, lol.


What a great idea!!! I will have to remember that for next time. I think it also funny that she could not maintain eye contact. Of course, that kind of made it "Hard" for me. lol

Thanks for your comment.

Bare Hugs

Nudy I'm just mischievous, lol. All the best with future unwelcomed visitors :)

Thanks It will be more fun now with your suggestion. Now I kind of wish the campaign was still going to invite more people in. lol

Bare Hugs

I'm laughing hard here at the thought... Take Care *hugs*

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You told her!

More liked I showed her the real deal. lol

You cracked me up! Now I know how to welcome Jehova's wittnesses next time! *roflmfao*


done that too and wrote a story. Love showing all I have lol

Bare HUgs

I need a link! ;-)

If it had been me I would have been trying to get your vote


Glad you are not afraid of a naked man.

Bare Hugs

I love naked men. Almost as much as naked women

Awesome and I love women, naked or not. Just better when barefoot.
Of course, I just rather not wear any clothes.

Bare Hugs


LOL forgot about their right to question and condem my rights. Should have shot a load in her eye. lol

Well, you forgot about conservatives' god-given right to impose their beliefs upon everyone else.

Liberals do the same thing. It's Libertarians who believe people should do as they please as long as they don't harm others.


How very true.

Looks like this lady forgot that we indeed have the right to bare arms... and legs, chest, and so on. It's also funny how she had no problem looking "South of the Border" while claiming to be uncomfortable. Actually, it's downright hilarious, because it proves that even the most prudish of people can't resist looking when they see someone naked for any reason.

CrazyWaterSpring and Sierra,

Thanks for your comments. Yes I have to right to be naked in my home. When someone comes to my house, uninvited and complains it makes me want to do the opposite of what they are selling on spite.

Good for YOU nudy and I hope Mr. nudy from down south gave her a lil wink to to send her on her crazy way too..... :D I LOVED reading this..It'll keep me smiling for the rest of the day!!

Thanks yes it was a bit "hard" talking to hear. Also I was trying not to laugh either.
While she was walking away I was giving Mr. Nudy from down south a bit of a massage. lol Love for her to have caught that.

Bare Hugs

America is about freedom and that includes being nude in your home. You didn't invite her and she had a problem with it. But she still wanted you to support her candidate? That is one way NOT to get someone to support a candidate.