I have a sign on my front door which reads "This is a nudist household. If the sight of naked people offends you, please telephone." followed by my phone number.

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Love it. It's now hanging on both of my doors.

Nice! And very classy!


I won't put up a sign. I feel that signs like that are a self identification that I'm doing something wrong or offensive. I don't believe that. Human bodies are natural and normal. If anyone is offended by seeing a human being THEY need to put up a sign announcing that they have a psychological problem.

I like the idea of this. It's fair notice to anyone who would be offended and it's nice to not have to worry about it when you open the door. My problem is that the house is on the corner and the front door is angled right into the intersection. So I'd be completely on display and that might result in some trouble. <br />
But if the door isn't a clear view, the sign is a good idea.

Do you get a lot of unwelcome calls as a result of putting your phone number on public display?

Not at all. You have to actually come to the door to see the number, and no one has ever done that unless they already had business with me.

Forget the phone number post the address... <br />
<br />
OK so umm... yeah I don't have anything intelligent to say but if I saw a sign like that I would knock and say hi, I know you from EP.

I love the fearless attitude. I think the sign is genius! Even if only to keep the unwanted away.

tha'ts a great idea... I will have to make a sign that says that....

I have a small sign at my front doorbell button that says "This is a nudist household-- please disrobe upon entering" Funny-- the doorbell doesn't ring very often!

Good for you!

It doesn't really matter, but for the record, I'm 29 now. My birthday was last week.

Military police and it was quite awesome to see their faces too! ha ashholes!

Nice one, but what are MPs?

I think that I offended some MP's this morning; however, I wasn't completly nude. I was almost it though. Was in a really short shirt and underwear, that is what they get for knocking on my door that early in the morning. Serves them right!

And wouldn't it be fun to have an in-depth conversation with them while completely naked? I would love that.

The vast majority of those who come to my house already know, so there are few surprises. However, it has managed to keep away the Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses.

does this actually work? or do you find more people knock on your door hoping to get a cheap thrill?