Always Wanted to

I have never actually done it before, but Ive thought about it many times. I always hated having to yell "just a minute!" while I put something on. I especially have wanted to do it when people who come to my door wanting to sell me something or convert me to their religion....just to see the look on their faces. One day I'll be in just the right mood and frame of mind, and I will do it. My wife did it once. We were at a nudist resort and ordered pizza to be delivered. The delivery girl was kind of shocked that my wife appeared at the door naked (even though she was at a nudist reort) and a little embarassed. My wife and I thought it was funny under the circumstances. The way I see it....Im in MY house not bothering anyone, why should I have to put clothes on just so I dont offend someone who comes to visit me? I do it anyway. I guess out of respect for their feelings.

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While in college, for extra money I delivered pizza, my room mate manage the place. I was fortunate enough to get partial and full nude women answering the door. I would help out during the day, so the amorous housewives would be calling for deliveries. I enjoyed the shows and over time was able to have a few adventures as well. I ****** one lady just inside her doorway, as I left her kids were walking up the driveway from the school bus.

I've always wanted to that...answer the door with a raging hard-on and see what happens

C'mon Jerrica..... I will if you do baby! :)

:) don't temp me. a few more shots of the goose and who knows? lol

All right jerrica!!!! Go for it!!

That is cool breezysunshine, and why shouldnt you?

I am nude every time I answer the door :)

i've answered the door bottomless. almost there lol

Thanks NudyDude...Ill have to keep that in mind.

It rare that JW men come around where I live, usually its women. It might work....but I get nervous they would file a complaint with the local police and I would be brought up on charges. Maybe I could get my wife to answer with me and they would just be embarassed thinking they interupted something.....

I did it once to scare off two JW men at my door. It worked.

I think I will the next time they come a knockin

My wife answered the door once for pizza delivery. The delivery person was female and looked shocked and embarassed, but didnt react negatively. The funniest part was we were at a nudist resort so we had a good laugh like "what did she expect?"

One time I answered the door naked for my Chinese food delivery. The female driver didn't seem to mind and even came inside while I got the money for her. She forgot the coke I ordered and even offered to bring it back for me. That was very nice of her. I'm not sure what possessed me to do that and I doubt I'll ever do it again, but I wouldn't mind if my wife did.

ive ansewered the door nude cause that very thing