Lots of Nude-door-answering Experiences

 As a part of my job over the years, I have had to travel a lot, and consequently have stayed in many hotels.


One morning when I was running late, I gathered up everything I needed for the day, left my hotel room and went to the lifts.  While I was standing there waiting, I heard a guest's room door open behind me.  I glanced around and saw a woman standing there - totally naked - bending down to pick up the newspaper!!!  She stood up, glanced at me and smiled, then closed the door.  I got a full-on view!  I was seriously tempted to knock on her door ... but needed to get to a meeting so had to go.


Anyway - that got me hooked.  Now when I stay in hotels, I always open the door and collect the newspaper naked.  I try not to plan anything, and I've had mixed success.  Most mornings when I open the door no one is there; on the occasions people have been there, it's probably been a 50/50 split between males and females.  Most guys just stare straight ahead and pretend they don't see me;  most women take a look, some giggle, and I've only ever had a couple stare at me!  One woman tried to strike up a conversation by asking where the hotel pool was!!


It's loads of fun.  I'm not looking for trouble, just for people's reactions.  Would love to hear from (or read) stories of other people's nude experiences at the door.  Email me at mikeinchch@hotmail.com if you like.

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2 Responses Jun 21, 2009

I knew a woman who worked as a housekeeper at a hotel. She told me that you wouldn't believe the number of guys she has seen naked over the years. During the summer season, she said she saw guys naked all the time. There's even been times where she or her and another housekeeper have cleaned the room while the occupant was naked the whole time. She's also walked in on guys jacking off, and she's been propositioned. At first, it bothered her, but after working there for awhile, it didn't anymore. Pretty wild.

Just had such an experience and it was great! We stay in a hotel, just arrived and took all clothes off as always. Then door opened with some knocking, a woman saying: Room Service! I decided to remain nude as she entered and asked if the minibar was OK. She looked at my nude body as I stood right in front of her, shaved, without tan lines and slightly erect already. I said the minibar was OK, she smiled at me, made some remarks on any other wishes and left again. It felt great to be seen fully naked in this way. So I looked for similar experiences and found this one.