Pizza Delivery

We had been out drinking and dancing. My husband had me take off my bra and panties at the nightclub next to our hotel. I danced with a couple of men. One slid his hand under my skirt and felt my ***. We left soon after but I was still horny and quite drunk. In the elevator my husband took off my skirt and blouse. I walked naked to our room. My husband wanted a pizza. He called and ordered one. I then knelt down in front of him and started sucking him before he got off the phone. My husband soon came. I swallowed and teasing him I said I wished I could have more ****. My husband dared me to answer the door of our hotel room naked. The front desk called, our pizza was here. I gave the ok to send it up. When the guy  knocked, still naked I checked the peephole. He looked early twenties. My husband went to the bathroom. I opened the door a crack. I then opened it more keeping behind it.We exchanged pleasantries.  I pointed and asked him to put it on the table. He stepped towards the table. I closed the door.  My husband was peeking out.

He was commenting on the weather as he placed the pizza down and turned around. He stopped mid sentence. I told him I would have to look for my purse to get the money. He just stared. I put the money on the table and asked if he was ok. I offered a choice of tips, he could have  money or feel my ****. He felt my ****. I rubbed his crotch. He was hard. I put his hand on my mound. He rubbed meand slipped a finger in me. I came. I unzipped his pants and jerked him.I knelt down and sucked his ****.  He spurted four times all over my ****. Still hard I led him by his **** to the bed. He ****** me hard and fast. He came again. I told him he better go, my husband will be here soon. He pulled up his pants, tucked in and left. He forgot the money on the table.

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Great story with a brilliant last line.

i'm getting a part time delivery job now

you naughty little minx...

great, sounds like fun!

Wow what a lucky guy. Love the story!

wow it would totally be my dream to be that pizza boy im totally your fan!

now thats 30mins or less

Cool, would love to do that!

Always great to be free about nudity and sexual desires, we're always nude in hotel rooms and in our swinger hotel in Cap d'Agde we once had an order delivered to our apartment when we were having sex, quite exciting that was. The only problem in your case might have been a rather cold pizza...

Great story. Must have felt very erotic with hubby wiatching

Great story. Must have felt very erotic with hubby wiatching

I got hot and bothered reading your story. Actually being in that situation would be incredible. Your husband better appreciate you!

I worked in a rather big town for a pizza place during my schooling, and I was always, always hoping I would run into a sexy wife...

great story, did your hubby come out and watch

I should hope he would have forgotten the money! What a distraction.<br />
<br />
Need anything else?<br />
<br />

Great story thanks for sharing Glen

Yes. That man is really lucky.

WOWWWW!!!!! Lucky delivery!!

Two thumbs and a **** up!

I would have gone for your breasts as well. The hand job was even better. You gave that guy something special indeed- He's still pleasuring himself to that memory, I'm sure.

That's a great *** back SaraDoes. well said!