The Maintenance Technician Saw Me Fully Naked

I'm a 39 YO married mom of 2 sons and a daughter; year ago I was taking shower when I heard the door ringing. It was the time of my husband's return from work. I went to open the door fully naked with good mind. I surprised by the maintenance technician coming to fix the TV. Quickly I let him in to the living room and explain the malfunction to him then I went to put on my robe... But he saw EVERYTHING: top and bottom, front and back. I put on my robe then I came to him and say: Sorry, I thought you are my husband... He said: Never mind madam you are so beautiful... Although he was staring at my naked privates, but he was very polite and talking skillfully.
I feel shame for that embarrassing station. Nobody saw me naked except my husband. And that guy watches every inch in my body: He saw the front while opening the door and telling me his job… He saw the but t while letting him in to the living room… He saw the front again in the room while explaining the malfunction of the TV to him… And he saw the but t again when I went quickly to my room to put on the robe… All that happened for about 3 minutes.

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A very stimulating surprise for the both of you!

lovely..and stimulating for yu both

next time your tv is broken, please call me!

I know that was exciting for you!

Id come to your house and fix absolutely anything for you... damnnn.. <br />
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One question .. y did you go put on the robe after .. if i was the technician .. id have asked you to keep it off

you likely made the guys year. the fact that you did not cover up is incredably hot. good for you. i hope you nurture you exhibitionist desires and present your sexy body for all of us to see. please

Be proud of your body! Most people who come to my door have seen me either naked or in drag. Strangely it is when I appear in drag that I get most reaction. Clearly, many people regard nudity as something natural whereas they consider transvestism to be in some way unnatural. Wat is your view/

your husband is lucky to be the only male on this planet to see you naked - oh, and the TV guy too. :-D

You're in control. Stay calm and be comfortable. He probably would have enjoyed even more if you wanted to spend time with him.<br />
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One day a tech came to our door and i answered in a towel. he came in and i found that i needed toshow him the appliance. He then started asking a lot of questions about the problem. As we talked, I was kind of embarrassed, but I also started to let the towel slip. Before long, I was showing a lot and i cud tell he was getting excited by the bulge in his jeans. <br />
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He was so flustered that he couldn't evne talk straight. He had such an erection that he couldn't even describe the problem with the appliance. <br />
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I brushed against him as i left the room and he almost feinted, lol. He'll be back, I'm sure.

i answered the door in a thong once read my story

What your husband doesn’t have a key to let him self in? Was it your plan to surprise your husband? And you were the one that got the surprise. Are you a practicing home nudist? Were your children at home? If so couldn’t one of them answered the door so that you could have had time to react either way? Grabbing a robe for the unexpectent guest or jumping into your lucky husbands arms.<br />
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Anyway I just wish that women would really consider who might be on the other side of the door when they open it exposing all of their magnificent naked glory to a perfect stranger who might not be so perfect. One quick push and move your pretty naked *** is on the floor and he is in the door. You’ve done the hard part as you are already naked.<br />
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No you have nothing to be ashamed of. Like others have said it’s your home you get to enjoy it anyway you please.

Nothing to be ashamed about. You handled yourself great. Sounds like it really didn't bother you and he enjoyed it. I have found it refreshing to go nude.

Don't be embarrassed! By the looks of your photo, you are a beautiful woman. This guy was a very luck man to see someone of your beauty.

thats amazing, sounds like it was his lucky day!

why you did not close the door immediately, and come back open with dress???????????????????you take too much time naked in front of him.....<br />
He is a lucky techncian........

You didn't indicate how him seeing you made you feel! Let's hope it opens up your exhibitionist side! I don't think there's a guy on here that doesn't appreciate a lovely lady showing a bit of skin! I know that's what I live for! Bill

"All that happened for about 3 minutes." Wow! And the WHOLE TIME it was "accidental"? I can see a very different scenario: You open the door to see it is not your husband, say, "Oh, excuse me!" close the door to a crack and stay behind the door for the sake of modesty, say "Sorry, I'll be right back," run and grab a bathrobe, and then return modest and full of apologies. Obviously that's not what happened. I find it hard to believe you were so rattled that you were unable to think of that alternative. <br />
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Just be honest and admit that you and he both got a total charge out of it. No matter how much you want to deny it, no matter how much it seemed embarrassing at the time, you were getting a lot of enjoyment from it. And you know what? IT'S ONLY HUMAN! AND IT REALLY IS OK TO BE HUMAN! DON'T BE AFRAID OF YOUR OWN HUMANITY! <br />
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Really, let go of the pretense. Remember it, and freely, openly (to yourself) revel in the enjoyment you got from the experience. Nobody here is going to think the less of you for it. In fact, after you have gotten square with yourself on it, and feel fully comfortable with your feelings, go ahead and share it with your husband. Make it a confession if you need to. You will most likely find it very difficult to share with him, but I can almost guarantee that it will be worth it, that he will respond quite positively to the truth. I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised. <br />
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Check your instincts/intuition on this last issue, and trust them. It's unlikely you will regret it.

No need to feel ashamed....there is nothing sexual about simple nudity. I agree that he has probably encountered moments like that before so its no big deal to him. The fact too that he rected in a professional manner, and coupled with your casualness with your nudity makes it even less "inappropriate". You were both adults and Im sure you dont have anything he hasnt seen before. Remember that nudity and sex anrent one and the same....nudity only becomes sexual when sexual thinking and behavior are its intended purpose. I think you can relax.

ooh thanks nudy.... yes he was a professional.