Some Of My Neighbors Know About It...

When I moved into my new apartment and got to know my neighbors, I chatted with them for a while. When I thought, I could tell them, I made clear, that I walk around in the nude, when I'm at home. I asked them, if they would be offended, when I opened the door without any clothes on.

All of them told me, that they would feel strange at first, but become used to it. I opened the door in the nude from time to time, not always. Most of them were fine with it, even if they always kept eye-contact. One girl told me, that she would like me to wear boxers. At that time I had opened the door in the nude two times she rang. I accepted this and she was fine with it. Another girl was embaressed at first, but got used to it and asked, if she could come in. We drank a coffee and laughed for at least an hour. I asekd if I could come over and see her place. She was fine with it. I just took my keys and went with her. I was totally uncovered at her place and she showed me her rooms. After half an hour I went back to my apartment. We didn't have sex in any way! We both didn't want it. It was just a visit at a neighbors place.

When she comes to my place, she doesn't even comment my nudity at all. We are both fine with it. I like the way things are going and I suggest, that you tell the people and ask, if you should answer the door in the nude, or if it would be ok, when you're naked.H


Hoping you understand my bad english,


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3 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Bad english? LMAO. That story was without fault. I only answer naked if it is the mormons or jehovah's. They don't bother me any more.

@GentleMeditator: Thx! I didn't know, that my english is that good. Living in Germany I rarely need to speak english. For that I wasn't sure about my grammar and vocabulary.<br />
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@All: Looking forward to more comments! How do u react, if someone opens the door in the nude? :)

Your "bad English"!? Are you kidding? I just went back and re-read and couldn't find a single flaw in what you wrote. Fact is, man, if this sample is indicative, your written English (I have not heard you speak) is completely indistinguishable from that of a well-educated native speaker. <br />
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I don't know why you have any insecurity about your written English, but I hope this dispels it.