Shirtless At The Door

In the 5 years I've lived in my apartment, I can't remember any of my visitors ever seeing me wearing a top of any kind. As I'm shirtless at home anyway, it seems silly to put on a top just to answer the door. Most people are relaxed about it and don't mind, and sometimes I get a very positive and pleasant reaction that I really enjoy.

My regular visitors are mostly close friends who know me well. My landlord and landlady also drop in from time to time, as do some of my neighbours. All of them are well used to seeing me shirtless. I've also had neighbours who often answered their doors shirtless.
CabanaBoy86 CabanaBoy86
26-30, M
2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I'm most often shirtless. Have been known to answer the door in only my very brief briefs.

Great. I do the same. Sometimes I get an odd reaction when the person standing on my doorstep isn't expecting an eyeful of my bare nipples!