Pizza Delivery

I ordered pizza last night, and when the delivery guy came, i opened the door wearing panties and a t-shirt. they were light green with lace string bikini, and a plain white cami. i felt so exposed standing there right in front of the 20-something boy, my heart was beating so fast, but i couldn't help having a huge grin on my face when i saw how big his eyes were, and that he couldn't stop staring at me. lol! =)
puddyls puddyls 26-30, F 19 Responses Mar 18, 2013

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You're a hot and sexy girl. You probably could've gotten the pizza for freeif you didn't have on the shirt

I think I'll try to set my GF up to do that... so hot!

That actually happened to me once but it was two girls and once had a girl answer the door in just a towel lol. That was probably my favorite job ever lol

Why can't all women be like is such a treat!!

I like it :)

Bet he knocked one out when he got home

I'm still trying to figure out how your door was wearing panties...;-)

i wish i was the pizza boy

Better than a tip any day

wish it was me

I'm sure Id stare too, as a bulge grows in my pants.

nice, he is very lucky, heck i wish i was the pizza man that day =]

lucky guy!

I want my girl to try this :) so did you get horny at all? Plz tell us about the next time you did it.

Yes , How did you tip Him , puddyls ! I would like too know myself in knowing the further details to what might have happened . When you also happened to look at his his bulge in his pants . That might have been growing ever harder . by what that delivery boy show of you ! !

Anything happened after the fact ?

A very good experience to read about .

Thank You

Fox Trot Arrow

How did you tip him

Shoulda left a puddle ;)

He should have given YOU a tip. Good job.

did you give him a tip?


next time answer the door in peed pants

I want to be your pizza boy if you're gonna do peed pants!