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Well, I'm bi and when I was 15 my hot half Mexican half Italian friend was sucking my penis off on my bed. Then of course the phone rings. So I tell him hey James let's move over here I gotta answer the phone. So i reach over to the phone and moan hello. It turned out to be a kid from next door asking when he could hang out with us. First words out of his mouth after I answered was, "Are you okay?". Anyone who has gotten involved with me sexually know that I moan, sigh and dirty talk allot. I was squirming, one hand had my friend's head, the other had the phone. The thought of being pleasured while talking to someone on the phone while trying to hold back moans was so sexually pleasurable that i had a such a huge leg quivering ****** and came all over his cardinals jersey. I don't know how I did it. But thinking about it makes me sooooo horny. I also answered it onetime when I was with a girl but it was'nt as fun cuz it was too much to do at once.
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Wow great story.

Hot right?

Totally and like freakness would love to repeat it with you, just set up someone to call...

want me to describe him in detail? It will have you ******* real fast.

yes would love to hear it. or see it you take any pics?

He has a really cute smile, sexy voice, perfect teeth, clean cut, green eyes, brown short hair, medium complected, pecs like steel, sexy back, six pack, nice ***, no body hair or facial hair, huge uncut ****, the seccond biggest ******* i've ever seen on a man, always wears briefs but he'll only wear boxers if they're satin and same with me. Whenever he **** he always jitters and then he says "I'm gonna cuuuummmm brooo" that usually gets me so hot we *** at the same time. I posted some new stories not to long ago check them out.

I will do that. Sound totally ****** hot!!!

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I'd love to help you repeat that. Just find someone to call you, and I'll do the rest. : )

mmmmm thats what I like to hear :)

Don't worry, cleanup won't be a problem.

Oh I don't worry about that ;)