Answering The Door In My Panties

I've always been kind of an exhibitionist. I have answered the door several times only wearing panties. Most times its when I know my boyfriend would be coming over but a few times I have opened the door only to find the mailman, or delivery person and not my boyfriend who I was expecting. I have to say its a thrill to see the relation on there faces, and it makes me blush a bit as to how much they just stand there and stare looking over my body, me standing before them in only panties. I must say it also gets my juices flowing a bit, thinking about what they are thinking and wondering if they are getting turned on or that they might go back to there vehicle and find a place to park and ********** thinking about seeing me in only my panties. I know what happens when I answer the door for my boyfriend in only my panties and I can only imagine the times I have done it and it was not my boyfriend, I can only imagine the thoughts going through those guys heads, and them wishing I would invite them in.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Great story. Are you also wearing a bra, or are you topless? (Guess which one I would prefer!)

Fabulous sweetie