Starting in the first grade, I've taken strong anti-bullying stands. In the first grade I got into my very first fight, because this kid was picking on a girl. When I confronted him he went to punch me. I managed to block him and I punched him in the eye. Since then, there have been a few more fights but that is always my last option. I won't start a fight, and I'll avoid it if it's possible, but I won't back down when a fight becomes necessary. 
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1 Response Nov 12, 2010

A fight is only really justified to protect yourself or a friend from physical violence from another person, and then you should only really use as much violence as is necessary to protect the victim. Remember a bully might themselves be a bullied person, acting out to someone else. It is no excuse, but if you remember that, then you will never go over the top in your protection of others.<br />
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I admire your stance in looking after other people who are being bullied. Good luck to you.