Years Ago I Was Bullied

Today I want to work toward making the world as safe as possible for kids.  Emotionally, socially, and physically.  I was bullied verbally and physically when i was in Junior High and High School.  The bullying stopped when I joined Golden Gloves.  Not because I had learned to fight, but because i learned to respect myself and have more self confidence.  I am a children's entertainer and it is my hope and plan to develop an educational show that I can take into local schools and educate the bullied, the bully, and the bystander and be able to make a difference.  A few years ago I actually got into the pro wrestling business hoping to use that as a gateway and forum to fight bullying. Why wrestling?  Because I have believe that kids will listen to an ex pro wrestler more readily than they will to most teachers or sometimes even parents.  I know that sounds a bit odd, but.... My message is "That in pro wrestling things are done a certain way, but in real life violence and bullying are never the answers".  My experiences as a wrestler and my magic/comedy along with the right information are the tools I wish to use for my campaign.   I care about kids and I care about their safety and well being.  I've got a lot to learn...that's one of the reasons I am here.
youngmagjar youngmagjar
Aug 29, 2011